Songs of Logoyshchina (Logoysk district)

«Songs of Logoyshchina» — is the result of three years of hard work that has captured Viktor Antonovich Nesterovich from the early beginning of his career. Made in 47 localities of Logoysk district, 750 song records represent almost all genres of the belarusian folk music. The songbook includes 427 works, combined in three cycles: calendar-ritual poetry (songs of strolling musicians, the Kupala songs, crop gathering songs, autumn songs, songs of Maslenitsa (Pancake Songs), spring songs, family-ritual poetry (christening, wedding songs, orphan’s songs) and non-ritual lyrics presented by the everyday family songs, love songs, songs of soldiers, historical, comic songs.

However, this is just a drop in the ocean of wealth, which at different times was reflected in the pages of numerous publications. For example, in the 70s the academic book of folklore was published, in which only the wedding songs constitute five volumes. Our glorified fellow countryman Nil Gilevich is the author of the collection «Songs of the seven villages», where he recorded 70 works only from his aunt Mikhalina Burbovskaya — a local inhabitant of the village Sloboda.

The publication of the long-awaited book — it is first of all a significant event and for each singer. Viktor Antonovich was lucky to meet and record on the tape about a hundred and twenty voices of elderly women. Taking over great values as the hereditary gift from their mothers and grandmothers, they have kept in mind the folk songs of their locality in their original form and in a variety of different genres, filled the soul with joy, evoked the desire to write as much songs as possible from the poetic treasures of the people.

Burcovich Tatyana Iosifovna, village Kalachy 

Lavrovskaya Anna Aleksandrovna, village Belaruchy 

Zmitrachkova Nadezhda Vasilyevna, village Kozinets 

Zhavnerovich Tatyana Iosifovna, village Trojanets 

Savritskaya Nina Kuzminichna, village Yanushkovichy 

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Songs of strolling musicians

Songs of Maslenitsa (Pancake Songs)

Kupala songs

Crop gathering songs

Autumn songs

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Christening songs

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